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PUR-HOCL opens new dimensions

PUR-HOCL – Start into a new era

HOCL – Hypochlorus Acid

Its mode of action in the human body

From the moment animals and plants appeared on earth, they had to deal with various threats. Among other things, these threats include pathogens. Pathogens which settle on the body surface or penetrate the body, frequently attempting to cause it harm or even destroy it. In order to face these dangers, nature took millions of years to develop a substance or, more accurately, an absolutely unique acid – hypochlorous acid (HOCL). It is a component of our immune system and is produced in the white blood cells.

The hypochlorous acid is nonspecific, i.e. the cell constituents are oxidized and the microorganisms are thereby inactivated – the germ can not become resistant*.

* Current state of knowledge – Errors and new knowledge reserved

The special properties:

A particular challenge is the artificial production of this miracle substance of nature and the longer-term stabilizationAll trials of production in the past, such as electrolysis, gave the same results: low concentration, reduced or no shelf life, low or no purity. Presumably therefore alternative solutions are being used, mostly based on alcohol or chlorine – with all their advantages and disadvantages.

One way to make the hypochlorous acid available is the use of tablets or granules, which contain a carrier. That’s how PUR-HOCL* works. Through the reaction of the carrier with water, the hypochlorous acid is released bit by bit. This piecewise release creates a buffer effect, since not all the drug is dissolved at once. In addition, PUR-HOCL has a nearly neutral pH, which means that significantly less corrosion occurs on metals. This leads to enormous cost savings because maintenance and repair costs can be minimized. The conversion can be carried out without great (financial) effort. In addition, PUR-HOCL tablets require a minimum of storage capacity – another cost saving factor!

In addition, the wide range of applications (see below), the broad spectrum of activity, as well as the ease of use are emphasized.


In principle, hypochlorous acid is unstable. In the finished disinfectant solution, the target concentration, usually 2000ppm HOCL, is ensure for 24 hours. Afterwards, the concentration slowly decreases, depending on the container and storage. PUR-HOCL is therefore ideally suited for all customers, who can calculate for themselves what amount of disinfectant they need per day. Based on this the fitting amount of PUR-HOCL soltuion will be “produced” in-situ.

 *Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use

PUR-HOCL – Incredibly fast and safe mode of action

Highly efficient










Fast reaction time


Significantly more effective than hypochlorite, e.g.


Due to its excellent characteristics classified as


not classified as hazardous to health


not classified as dangerous to the environment

according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (based on the ready-to-use solution)

Field of Application (list is updated regularly)

– can have a bleaching effect, usage only on eligible areas –

(The following list is textually based on the respective product type description. See also REACH/ECHA product types)

Universal Usage for Disinfection

Disinfection of all types of surfaces - plaese check out colour fastness, material compatibility before usage (e.g. not suitable for soft-metal)


Hygienic Disinfection

Public areas: disinfection of surfaces, walls, floors, fabrics, equipment and furniture (if not in direct contact with food or feed) - this include e.g. nursing homes


Industrial sector and other areas used for a professional activity: disinfection of surfaces, walls, floors, fabrics, equipment and furniture (if not in direct contact with food or feed) - this includes e.g.: staff rooms, work areas, plant and equipment disinfection


Private sector: disinfection of surfaces, walls, floors, fabrics, equipment and furniture (if not in direct contact with food or feed) in the private sector



Disinfection of all types of surfaces


Disinfection of equipment and kitchen appliances


Disinfection of containers, cutlery and dishes


Disinfection of pipes


Food and Feed 

Disinfection of equipment, containers, cutlery and crockery, surfaces and piping related to the manufacture, transport, storage or consumption of food and / or feed or drinking water - this includes e.g.: cutting and processing in meat and sausage processing companies


Other Applications

Disinfection of air conditioning systems


Disinfection of hospital waste


A short summary

Incredibly fast effect

Broad spectrum of activity

Numerous applications

Little storage capacity needed

5 years shelf life

Enormous cost savings due to minimized maintenance and repair costs

Easy handling and dosage

Free from chlorate (see here for further information)

Less corrosion on metals due to a nearly neutral pH