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Surface Disinfection

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Water Purification


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PUR-HOCL– pure hypochlo­rous acid* – effec­tively com­bats germs, e.g. bac­te­ria, virus and harm­ful fun­gi wit­hin seconds or very few minu­tes after usa­ge**. It helps us e.g. to main­tain our health and pre­ser­ve our foods for lon­ger and  it decom­po­ses almost com­ple­te­ly***.

Hypo­chlo­rous acid is an endo­ge­nous “dis­in­fec­tant” which com­bats bac­te­ria and viru­ses in the human body as an important com­po­nent of our immu­ne sys­tem.

So far, the active ingre­dient of hypo­chlo­rous acid is rela­tively less com­mon in the field of sur­face dis­in­fec­tion, or it is pri­ma­ri­ly used for the tre­at­ment of bat­hing water (in swim­ming pools) via a pre­cur­sor. Sur­pri­sin­gly, this sub­s­tan­ce offers many pos­si­bi­li­ties of use against the back­ground of the fac­ts men­tio­ned above.

Our pro­duct offers excel­lent effi­ci­en­cy, maxi­mum puri­ty, new pos­si­bi­li­ties in cost- and logistic effort reduc­tion and is — among other things — 5 years stor­able.

On the fol­lo­wing pages you will learn more about the uni­que pro­per­ties of PUR-HOCL


*Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use
**depending on used ppm version, time of impact and the txpe of germ to be eliminated
***according to ion chromatography PUR-HOCL leaves no measurable chlorate residues 

A small glimpse of various possibilities…

Surface Disinfection

Prolonging the shelf-life of fruits, vegetables and more…

Water Puri­fi­ca­ti­on in
clo­sed sys­tems

Many com­mon dis­in­fec­tants are not effec­tive enough to cover a wide ran­ge  spec­trum of effi­cacy. To achie­ve a high degree of effi­cacy the­re­fo­re often several dif­fe­rent pro­duc­ts are nee­ded. PUR-HOCL offers the com­fort that it covers a broad spec­trum of effi­cacy in just one pro­duct!

PUR-HOCL decom­po­ses almost com­ple­te­ly and lea­ves no fur­ther poten­ti­al­ly harm­ful or cor­ro­si­ve chlo­ri­ne spe­ci­es and is almost pH neu­tral. What is most important to men­ti­on here is the fact, that our pro­duct is ful­ly free from chlora­te! Klick here for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on.

kli­cke­re or fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on)

Fruits, vege­ta­bles and herbs are natu­ral­ly con­ta­mi­na­ted with rot pro­mo­ting micro­or­ga­nisms. A spe­cial pro­duct ver­si­on of PUR-HOCL, used as a pro­ces­sing aid, can basi­cal­ly extend their mini­mum shelf-life con­si­der­a­b­lyThis in princip­le, can also redu­ce the use of pre­ser­va­ti­ves. This equal­ly app­lies to foods con­tai­ning pro­ces­sed fruits, vege­ta­bles or herbs. Of cour­se, this depends on the indi­vi­du­al situa­ti­on — but — the pos­si­bi­li­ty exists. 

That means in such cases: less spoi­led goods, lon­ger best befo­re, less trans­port, huge savings.

This opti­on of usa­ge app­lies only to PUR-HOCL green. Any other use of PUR-HOCL green ist not per­mit­ted.

Due to the high degree of puri­ty of our pro­duct hypo­chlo­rous acid is the pro­duct of choice for clea­ning and dis­in­fec­ting water in clo­sed sys­tems, such as cis­ternsThe prac­ti­cal hand­ling and buf­fer effec­ts of the gra­dual­ly released hypo­chlo­rous acid addi­tio­nal­ly increa­se the attrac­tiveness of PUR-HOCL.

Just ano­t­her posi­ti­ve side effect is the mini­mi­za­ti­on of the risk of chlo­ri­ne gas poi­so­ning.

PUR-HOCL product groups– the perfect solution for any task


Water Puri­fi­ca­ti­on in clo­sed sys­tems*
Chan­ges and errors excep­ted. Simi­lar pic­tures

PUR-HOCL green

Food and Feed
(Use as pro­ces­sing aid, other con­cen­tra­ti­on and pro­duct form)
Chan­ges and errors excep­ted. Simi­lar pic­tures

PUR-HOCL oran­ge

Sur­face Dis­in­fec­tion
and Clea­ning*
Chan­ges and errors excep­ted. Simi­lar pic­tures


Spe­cial Cus­to­mi­sed
Chan­ges and errors excep­ted. Simi­lar pic­tures

* Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.