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PUR-HOCL* – pure hypochlorous acid* – effectively combats germs, e.g. bacteria, virus and harmful fungi within seconds or very few minutes after usage**. It helps us e.g. to maintain our health and preserve our foods for longer and  it decomposes almost completely***.

Hypochlorous acid is an endogenous “disinfectant” which combats bacteria and viruses in the human body as an important component of our immune system.

So far, the active ingredient of hypochlorous acid is relatively less common in the field of surface disinfection, or it is primarily used for the treatment of bathing water (in swimming pools) via a precursor. Surprisingly, this substance offers many possibilities of use against the background of the facts mentioned above.

Our product offers excellent efficiency, maximum purity, new possibilities in cost- and logistic effort reduction and is – among other things – 5 years storable.

On the following pages you will learn more about the unique properties of PUR-HOCL


*Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use
**depending on used ppm version, time of impact and the txpe of germ to be eliminated
***according to ion chromatography PUR-HOCL leaves no measurable chlorate residues 

A small glimpse of various possibilities…

Many common disinfectants are not effective enough to cover a wide range  spectrum of efficacy. To achieve a high degree of efficacy therefore often several different products are needed. PUR-HOCL offers the comfort that it covers a broad spectrum of efficacy in just one product!

PUR-HOCL decomposes almost completely and leaves no further potentially harmful or corrosive chlorine species and is almost pH neutral. What is most important to mention here is the fact, that our product is fully free from chlorate! Klick here for further information.

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* Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.