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PUR-HOCL – pure hypoch­lo­rous acid* – effec­tively com­bats viru­ses, bac­te­ria and harm­ful fun­gi** wit­hin seconds or very few minu­tes after usa­ge. It helps us to main­tain our health, pro­tect our plants and pre­ser­ve our foods for lon­ger. It is clas­si­fied as not dan­ge­rous to health, nor for the envi­ron­ment*** as it decom­po­ses almost com­ple­te­ly into water.

Hypo­ch­lo­rous acid is an endo­ge­nous anti­sep­tic, dis­in­fec­tant which, among other things, com­bats bac­te­ria and viru­ses in the human body as an important com­po­nent of our immu­ne sys­tem.

Until now hypo­ch­lo­rous acid could not be iso­la­ted or manu­fac­tu­red with endu­ring sta­bi­li­ty at indus­tri­al level. As the first pro­vi­der in our seg­ment, we are able to make hypo­ch­lo­rous acid avail­ab­le in lar­ge quan­ti­ties and without toxic by-pro­ductsOur pro­duct offers a prac­tical­ly unpre­ce­den­ted degree of effi­cacy, maxi­mum puri­ty and can be stored for up to 2 years (PUR-HOCL oran­ge & green)


*PUR-HOCL – stable active technology® – free chlorine with > 90% HOCl at > 99% purness – with no detectable chlorate, **depending on used ppm version and time of impact, ***according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

Surface disinfection

Prolonging the shelf-life of fruits, vegetables and more…

Disinfecting meat


new possibilities

Many dis­in­fec­tants are not effec­tive enough. PUR-HOCL is more effec­tive than many cur­r­ent­ly known pro­ducts and has bet­ter and more sustain­ab­le dis­in­fec­ting pro­per­ties (e.g. Clo­s­tri­di­um dif­fi­ci­le in approx. 15 sec). 

PUR-HOCL lea­ves very litt­le detec­ta­ble resi­du­es - in con­trast to com­pa­ra­ble com­pe­ting pro­ducts - as it dis­sol­ves almost com­ple­te­ly into water. The­se small con­cen­tra­ti­ons can not  lead to health pro­blems in humans*. The very low chlo­ra­te resi­du­es  are below the tole­ran­ce limit.

*accord­ing to regu­la­ti­on (EC) No. 1272/2008

Fruits, vege­ta­bles and herbs are natu­ral­ly con­ta­mi­na­ted with fun­gi or mould spo­res. Washing them with water that con­tains PUR-HOCL extends their mini­mum shelf-life con­s­i­der­ab­lyThis can also redu­ce the use of pre­ser­va­ti­ves. This equal­ly app­lies to foods con­tai­ning pro­ces­sed fruits, vege­ta­bles or herbs. 

This, in turn, means: less spoilt goods, pro­lon­ged average shelf-life, less trans­port rou­tes, which all leads to enor­mous savings.

Again… without the resi­du­es remai­ning on food, which could lead to health pro­blems.

Dis­in­fec­ting foods can mini­mi­se health-hazards and impro­ve shelf-life, but such tre­at­ments are con­tro­ver­si­al. The­re is insuf­fi­ci­ent data to esta­blish whe­ther the regu­lar con­sump­ti­on of chlo­ri­ne-was­hed chi­cken is health-hazar­dous.

In this regard, the treatment with PUR-HOCL hypo­ch­lo­rous acid may open up com­ple­te­ly new pos­si­bi­li­ties — even for poul­try, fish and meat.

Inte­rested par­ties are very wel­co­me to join us on this path and our initi­al dis­cus­sions with the aut­ho­ri­ties as a deve­lo­ping part­ner.

Water purification


PUR-HOCL com­ple­te­ly rede­fi­nes the puri­fi­ca­ti­on of swim­ming pool or pota­ble water by its abso­lu­te puri­ty, which does not requi­red “toxic” com­pon­ents. It also mini­mi­sez the risk of chlo­ri­ne gas poi­so­n­ing.

First con­fir­ming results could be gathe­red by several tes­tings on modern, con­tem­pora­ri­ly used fil­tra­ti­on sys­tems in ger­man swim­ming pools.

began in August 2017 with gre­at suc­cess.



Anti­bio­tics usual­ly take some time to work. Fur­ther­mo­re many patho­gens now demons­tra­te a resis­tan­ce to the cur­rent anti­bio­tics avail­ab­le, which makes it impos­si­ble to cure many pati­ents. Accord­ing to ECHA hypo­ch­lo­rous acid is not sub­ject to micro­bi­al resis­tan­ce (click here for fur­t­her infor­ma­ti­on).

The hypo­ch­lo­rous acid in PUR-HOCL poten­ti­al­ly faci­li­ta­tes the deve­lop­ment of a gene­ra­ti­on of  new anti­mi­cro­bi­als which can com­bat patho­gens. PUR-HOCL pre­vents patho­gen resis­tan­ce and pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on as the tech­no­lo­gy des­troys the micro­bi­al RNA and DNA.

We would love to deve­lop ide­as about how to pro­ceed this deve­lo­ment with you.

Plant and crop protection before harvesting…

Due to their toxic resi­du­es, con­ven­tio­nal plant pro­tec­tion pro­ducts can only be used with ade­qua­te time befo­re har­ve­s­ting.

As PUR-HOCL dis­sol­ves almost com­ple­te­ly into water, it conta­ins only very litt­le detec­ta­ble chlo­ra­te and lea­ves no dis­cer­ni­ble resi­du­es. Our tech­no­lo­gy can, in princip­le, be used in agri­cul­tu­re short­ly befo­re har­ve­s­ting e.g. for plant pro­tec­tion against mould.

Don’t hesi­ta­te to con­tact us for fur­t­her infor­ma­ti­on or the oppor­tu­ni­ty of pos­si­ble coope­ra­ti­ons.

PUR-HOCL – the perfect solution for any task

For stan­dard app­li­ca­ti­ons or spe­cial chal­len­ges — you deci­de! Initi­al­ly, PUR-HOCL will be avail­ab­le in three basic ver­si­ons.

Speak to us about your spe­cial requi­re­ments and we will deve­lop what you need — toge­ther.


Water puri­fi­ca­ti­on

PUR-HOCL green

Foods + Phar­ma

PUR-HOCL oran­ge

Sur­face dis­in­fec­tion


Spe­cial custo­mi­sed solu­ti­ons