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Verified quality

Tests confirm it – PUR-HOCL leaves no measurable chlorate residues:

The absence of chlorate from PUR-HOCL has been confirmed by the independent institute Biogenius. Our product was tested for chlorite, chlorate and chloride residues using ion chromatography. You can take the results from the graphics (red line) and convince yourself of the purity of our product:

Enlarged view:

The red curve shows the measured results of our product. The result of the comparison product (standard 6) can be taken from the
black curve.

Noticeable is the constantly low level of chlorate and chlorine residues. Only a small, harmless amount of chloride was detected (see small rash of the red curve). Whereas larger amounts of residues are measurable in the comparison product (see deflections of the black curve).

EN Tests accomplished with an impressive wide area

Tested according to the guidelines for the authorization of surface disinfectants in food and feed areas*

Organismus Erforderlicher Test Produkt Konzentration Einwirkzeit
Bacteria EN 1276 240 ppm 5 min
Bacteria EN 13697 2000 ppm 1 min
Bacteria EN 13727 250 ppm 1 min
Yeast EN 1650 125 ppm 1 min
Yeast EN 13697 240 ppm 15 min
Yeast EN 13697 2000 ppm 1 min
Yeast EN 13624 250 ppm 1 min
Mycobacteria EN14348 1000 ppm 15 min
Virus (full virucidal) EN14476 1500 ppm 15 min
Virus (limited virucidal) e.g. Corona – Covid 19 EN14476 200 ppm 1 min
Fungi EN 1650 737 ppm 15 min
Fungi EN 13624 1000 ppm 15 min
Fungi EN 13697 2000 ppm 15 min
Sporicidal (Bacillus subtilis) EN 13704 1000 ppm 15 min

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

* Tests required for the authorization of disinfectants in product-type 4 (food and feed) according to BPR (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012), see Appendix 4 , Guidance on the BPR, Vol. II, Parts B6C, December 2017

Chlorate residues – the eternal problems in disinfection.
But not at PUR-HOCL …