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Verified quality

Tests confirm it — PUR-HOCL leaves no measurable chlorate residues:

The absence of chlora­te from PUR-HOCL has been con­fir­med by the inde­pen­dent insti­tu­te Bio­ge­ni­us. Our pro­duct was tested for chlo­ri­te, chlora­te and chlo­ri­de resi­du­es using ion chro­ma­to­gra­phy. You can take the results from the gra­phics (red line) and con­vin­ce yours­elf of the puri­ty of our pro­duct:

Enlar­ged view:

The red cur­ve shows the mea­su­red results of our pro­duct. The result of the com­pa­ri­son pro­duct (stan­dard 6) can be taken from the
black cur­ve.

Noti­ce­ab­le is the con­stant­ly low level of chlora­te and chlo­ri­ne resi­du­es. Only a small, harm­less amount of chlo­ri­de was detec­ted (see small rash of the red cur­ve). Whe­re­as lar­ger amounts of resi­du­es are mea­sura­ble in the com­pa­ri­son pro­duct (see deflec­tions of the black cur­ve).

EN Tests accom­plished with an impres­si­ve wide area

Tested accord­ing to the gui­de­li­nes for the aut­ho­ri­za­ti­on of sur­face dis­in­fec­tants in food and feed are­as*


Test requi­redPro­duct con­cen­tra­ti­onCon­tact time
Bac­te­riaEN 1276240 ppm5 min
Bac­te­riaEN 13697187 ppm5 min
YeastEN 1650125 ppm15 min
YeastEN 13697240 ppm15 min
Myco­bac­te­riaEN143481000 ppm15 min
Viru­sesEN144761500 ppm15 min
Fun­gal spo­resEN 136972000 ppm15 min

The­re­fo­re, Pur-HOCL (2000 ppm), avail­ab­le as Pro­duct PUR-HOCL oran­ge, is effec­tive against bac­te­ria, yeast, myco­bac­te­ria, viru­ses and fun­gal spo­res wit­hin a con­tact time of 15 minu­tes. Use bio­ci­dal pro­duc­ts with care. Always read the label and pro­duct infor­ma­ti­on befo­re use.

* Tests requi­red for the aut­ho­ri­za­ti­on of dis­in­fec­tants in pro­duct-type 4 (food and feed) accord­ing to BPR (BPR, Regu­la­ti­on (EU) 528/2012), see Appen­dix 4 , Gui­d­ance on the BPR, Vol. II, Parts B6C, Decem­ber 2017

Chlorate residues — the eternal problems in disinfection.
But not at PUR-HOCL